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    Badrul H. Khan, Ph.D. is associate professor and Director of Educational Technology Leadership graduate cohort program at The George Washington University. Previously, he served as assistant professor of education and the founding Director of Educational Technology graduate program at the University of Texas, Brownsville. He also served as instructional developer and evaluation specialist in the School of Medicine at Indiana University, Indianapolis. He received a B.A. in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University, Bloomington, USA.

    While growing up in Chittagong, Bangladesh during the 1970s, Badrul Khan used to dream about having access to well-designed learning resources available only to students in industrial countries. In the '70s it was unthinkable to have equal access to those resources. In the '90s, with the emergence of the World Wide Web, Khan's dream of equal access to quality learning resources became a reality. His desire for broadly available distributed learning systems and his scholarly grounding in the field of educational systems design and technology have enabled him to present a total vision for educational and training possibilities of the new worldwide communications technologies.

    Through his teaching and publishing, Dr. Khan has been instrumental in creating a coherent framework for Web-based instruction, training, and learning. In his first book,   Web-Based Instruction (Educational Technology Publications, 1997), he took a leadership role in defining the critical dimensions of this new field of inquiry and practice at all levels of education. Reflecting its enormous acceptance worldwide, Web-Based Instruction has become a bestseller and has been adopted by colleges and universities worldwide. His second book   Web-Based Training (Educational Technology Publications, 2001) is a landmark book that covers all aspects of Internet's World Wide Web for training at all levels. He is currently working on a new book   Web-Based Learning (to be published by Educational Technology Publications, USA), which will include case studies, design models, strategies, and critical issues encompassing the multiple dimensions of his e-Learning Framework.

    He continues to advance the discourse in the field of distance learning. His contribution to the field of open, flexible, and distributed learning is recognized throughout the world. As a result, his two new books   E-Learning Strategies and   E-Learning Quick Checklist are in the process of being published in several languages by several publishers located around the world. He is currently exploring the possibility of writing a book devoted to   Blended Learning.

    A sought-after keynote speaker on Web-based instruction and e-learning, Khan is past President of the International Division of the Association for Educational and Communication Technology (AECT). He delivered keynote addresses at the various distance learning conferences organized by ministry of education and educational institutions in Turkey, China, UAE, Bahrain, Bangladesh, India, Korea and Oman; and academic and professional conferences in the USA and Canada. He was one of the select few experts invited to a symposium on virtual education organized by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). He served as a consultant/advisor to distance education and educational technology related projects at the World Bank, US Department of Education, US Department of Defense, Ministry of Education in several countries, and academic institutions and corporations in the USA and abroad. He is a contributing editor of   Educational Technology (USA), a consulting editor of   The International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning (Canada), a member of the editorial board of   Distance Education (Australia), a member of the editorial board of   a member of the advisory board of   Review of Education at Distance (Brazil), a member of advisory board Media and Technology for Human Resource Development (India)International Journal of Learning Technology ( (UK), and a member of the advisory board of   Indian Journal of Training & Development (India).

    He is founder of (a recommended-readings site on the Internet) and co-developer of Omni (a content development and learning management system). He can be reached at Badrul Khan's Resume can be Downloaded.

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