Web-Based Training
by  Badrul H Khan (Editor)
Hardcover ISBN: 0-87778-302-0  $89.95
Softcover ISBN: 0-87778-303-9  $59.95
Educational Technology Publications
Publication Date: February, 2001

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  1. Web-Based Training: An Introduction
    Badrul H. Khan
  2. Web-Based Training: Advantages and Limitations
    Wallace Hannum
  3. Web-Based Training: Benefits and Obstacles to Success
    Zane Berge, Mauri Collins, and Tim Fitzsimmons
  4. Infostructures: Technology, Learning, and Organizations
    Greg Kearsley and Michael J. Marquardt
  5. Emerging Learning Trends and the World Wide Web
    Ellen D. Wagner
  6. Glossary of Terms in Web-Based Training
    Rick Hall
  7. Web-Based Training Resources
    Manal A. El-Tigi and Badrul H. Khan


  8. A Framework for Web-Based Learning
    Badrul H. Khan
  9. Designing Instructional Templates for Web-Based Training
    Robert J. Mills, Kimberly A. Lawless, and M. David Merrill
  10. A Practical Model for Conversational Web-Based Training: A Response from the Past to the Needs of the Future
    Alexander J. Romiszowski and Echeol Chang
  11. Web Architectures for Learning
    Peter G. Fairweather, Richard B. Lam, and Lei Kuang
  12. The Web and Model-Centered Instruction
    Andrew S. Gibbons, Kimberly A. Lawless, Thor A. Anderson, and Joel Duffin
  13. Activity Theory and Web-Based Training
    David Peal and Brent G. Wilson
  14. Design and Development Issues in Web-Based Training
    Wallace Hannum
  15. Web-Based Training Site Design Principles: A Literature Review and Synthesis
    Richard H. Hall
  16. Developing Synchronous Web-Based Training for Adults in the Workplace
    Margaret M. Driscoll
  17. Web-Based Instructional Methods for Corporate Training Curricula
    Pamela D. Loughner, Douglas M. Harvey, and William D. Milheim
  18. Developing Web-Based Training for a Global Corporate Community
    Judy Cossel Rice, Miles Day Coleman, Vincent E. Shrader, Joanne P. Hall, Sharon A. Gibb, and Reo H. McBride
  19. Accommodating People with Disabilities in Web-Based Training Programs
    Alan Cantor
  20. An Instructional Design-Based Approach to Developing Online Learning Environments
    Bob Hoffman and Donn C. Ritchie
  21. Playing Interactive Training Games on the Web
    Sivasailam Thiagarajan and Raja Thiagarajan
  22. Simulations for Web-Based Training
    Harry A. Pappo
  23. HyperInquiry: Surfing Below the Surface of the Web
    John V. Dempsey and Brenda C. Litchfield
  24. Practical Guidelines for Facilitating Team Activities in Web-Based Training
    Margaret Bailey and Lara Luetkehans
  25. Industry-University Partnerships in Web-Based Learning: A Working Model
    Colla J. MacDonald and Martha Gabriel
  26. Managing the Development and Evolution of Web-Based Training: A Service Bureau Concept
    Thomas M. Welsh and Ben L. Anderson
  27. Designing Practical Websites for Interactive Training
    John G. Hedberg, Christine Brown, John L. Larkin, and Shirley Agostinho
  28. Design Strategies for Web-Based Training: Using Bandwidth Effectively
    David R. Moore and Barbara B. Lockee
  29. Ideas on Designing Web Pages for Online Training
    Don E. Descy
  30. Web-Based Training: Current Status of This Instructional Tool
    William D. Milheim and Brenda Bannan-Ritland
  31. Review of Web-Based Assessment Tools
    Jianping Zhang, Badrul H. Khan, Andrew S. Gibbons, and Yun Ni
  32. Online Testing Methods in Web-Based Training Courses
    Sunil Hazari
  33. Software Tools for Online Course Management and Delivery
    Ann E. Barron and Chet Lyskawa
  34. Planning for Web-Based Course Management
    Henryk R. Marcinkiewicz and Eva M. Ross
  35. Web-Based Training Administration
    Jason D. Baker
  36. Project Support Sites: A Project Management Tool for Constructing Web-Based Training
    Lee T. Gotcher
  37. Current and Ideal Practices in Designing, Developing, and Delivering Web-Based Training
    Carlos Villalba and Alexander J. Romiszowski
  38. Pedagogy and Web-Based Course Authoring Tools: Issues and Implications
    Nada H. Dabbagh, Brenda Bannan-Ritland, and Kate Flannery Silc
  39. A Framework for a Comprehensive Web-Based Authoring System
    Badrul H. Khan and David A. Ealy


  40. Case Studies of Web-Based Training Sites
    Badrul H. Khan, Deborah Waddill, and Jane A. McDonald
  41. Implementation Issues in Web-Based Training
    Kinshuk and Ashok Patel
  42. Copyright Issues in Web-Based Training
    David Throne
  43. Needed: Digital Libraries for Web-Based Training
    John Schmitz
  44. Positioning for Effectiveness: Applying Marketing Concepts to Web-Based Training
    Nancy M. Levenburg
  45. Benchmarking Educational Technology for Military Planners
    R. Thomas Goodden
  46. Designing Web-Based Learning Environments at the Department of Defense: New Solutions
    Sharon G. Fisher and Will S. Peratino
  47. Repurposing Instructor-Led Training into Web-Based Training: A Case Study and Lessons Learned
    Kenneth G. Brown, Karen R. Milner, J. Kevin Ford, and Wendy Golden
  48. A Corporate/College Partnership for Web-Based Training
    Sharon Gray, Suzanne McCann, Earl Robinson, and Sean Warner
  49. The Future of Continuing Medical Education on the Web
    Henry L. Shapiro
  50. Long Distance Collaborative Authentic Learning (CAL): Recommendations for Problem-Based Training on the Web
    Alison A. Carr-Chellman
  51. Supporting Adult Learners in Web-Based training
    Larry R. Hudson, Linda Greer, and Teresa Buhler
  52. Web-Based Case Studies: A Multipurpose Tool for the Training Toolkit
    M. Elizabeth Hrabe, Mable B. Kinzie, and Marti F. Julian
  53. Web-Based Rapid Prototyping as a Strategy for Training University Faculty to Teach Web-Based Courses
    Betty A. Collis
  54. Support for Teachers Enhancing Performance in Schools: An EPSS Professional Development Tool
    Pamela Taylor Northrup, Karen L. Rasmussen, and Janet K. Pilcher
  55. Integrating Web-Based Technology into Teacher-Preparation Training Programs
    Nella B. Anderson, LeAnn McKinzie, Don C. Johnson, Jarvis W. Hampton, and Trey McCallie
  56. The Teachers' Internet Use Guide: Web-Based Training for Educators
    David Hoffman, Lorraine Sherry, Jonathan Lurie, and Jason McDaniel
  57. Virtual U: A Hub for Excellence in Education, Training and Learning Resources
    Badrul H. Khan
  58. Evaluating Web-Based Training: The Quest for the Information-Age Employee
    Joanne P. Hall and Conrad A. Gottfredson
  59. Evaluating Web-Based Training Programs
    Zane L. Berge
  60. Online Implementation of Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Evaluation Using Web Databases
    Harvi Singh
  61. Usability Testing of Web-Based Training
    Michael Hughes and Loren Burke
  62. Cost Analysis and Return on Investment (ROI) for Distance Education
    Kent L. Gustafson and Lynne Schrum
  63. Usability Testing and Return-on-Investment Studies: Key Evaluation Strategies for Web-Based Training
    Thomas C. Reeves and Bryan J. Carter

Web-Based Training
by  Badrul H Khan (Editor)
Hardcover ISBN: 0-87778-302-0  $89.95
Softcover ISBN: 0-87778-303-9  $59.95
Educational Technology Publications
Publication Date: February, 2001

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